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Headbomb7th Letter to the Parliament

To the members of the German Bundestag

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With regard to the manner of the debate of the Bundestag and your conduct with respect to the draft budget for the year 2013, we would like in particular to refer to one of several letters to the members the Bundestag, namely that of 23rd May 2012.
As you can see from this letter, it has for several years been a matter, with regard to the financial and economic situation of the national budget of Germany (FRG), of the obvious delaying of the bankruptcy of the country.
In the event of the introduction of Euro-bonds, everything that you have done so far, believing to have decided in the interests of the German people, would obviously be nothing more than just so much waste paper. You might perhaps be surprised, but you would then be confronted with the clear bankruptcy situation. You have already been told this by Hilmar Kopper, former head of the Deutsche Bank AG in “BILD”, while numerous economic experts have also warned against this development, such as the “Handelsblatt” (8.1.12 und 26.9.12) and the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (18.2.12).

Calculations of the Alliance for Democracy correspond in this respect to reports and statements of the Ifo chief Hans-Werner Sinn, in that the Fiscal Pact for example, even if this was approved in the form decided on by you on 29th June 2012 by the Federal Constitutional Court, although the definitive justification, including pending constitutional appeals on the ESM law have still not been dealt with, cannot bring an end to national bankruptcy, the impermissible printing of money, and certainly not the end of the crisis. You should finally realise this, and better yet, no longer support the projects of the Chancellor, who is mainly responsible for submitted resolutions regarding the Euro crisis and all past and present measures taken in this respect.
It is well-known with what duplicity the Chancellor has acted towards the Presidency of the European Central Bank (ECB) and on the other hand towards the President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, and in what situation the Germans now find themselves through these acts. Germany as a nation is bankrupt. National insolvency is being artificially delayed. This can no longer be changed by any action on their part. Unless finally a vote is held on insolvency laws, and finally the long-overdue currency reform takes place, which even if it would not save the wealth and property of the citizens, would at least restrict it to a more bearable level.

The present government has lost all through speculation.
Angela Merkel has failed, as has the opposition of the country.
The Euro rescue has failed!

In this sense it is a case of defrauding people if you consider a budget for the coming year in which more than half of state capital will come from the taxpayers, and which would have to be counted twice against the obligations of rescue packages and guarantees for the Euro community. Seen in this way, Germany is doubly bankrupt. The budget is just waste paper, like the budgets of the last ten years.

It is lamentable that only because of existences in politics at all, and so also your existence, decisions are patched together, which come into effect by majorities, but by your decisions lead to more and more national debt, and finally to the delaying of insolvency.
The people of the country, who have now again heard of the Greece situation and the fact that the troika of the IMF, ECB and European Commission has once again miscalculated, and has now corrected the further maturing debt of Greece from € 14 to € 20 billion, and are now discussing a renewed debt cut and the like, announced even before this news that about 80% of them were against the current and previous Euro rescue policies.

Will you not finally realise: The people no longer want the rescue of the Euro.
The Alliance for Democracy resolutely rejects the bending of the law which is being practiced in order to keep the Euro alive!

“Democracy invites the accumulation of debt”, as Helmut Schmidt recently acknowledged (Maischberger) and the Alliance for Democracy is finally calling once again for a policy that does not serve for enrichment or helplessly delays insolvency; the Alliance for Democracy calls for a policy which produces a currency with strong purchasing power, and is in a position to maintain this strength. It is a lie when Angela Merkel says that the savings and investments of the Germans are safe. And no country can afford a liar as its Regent. Mrs. Merkel in particular has fallen prey to this practice of running up debts, and for this reason the aim of the Alliance for Democracy is the only correct one, as described in our link on our website . Nobody better than Mr. Schmidt from Hamburg, an outstanding creator of debt during his time in government, could provide an advertisement for this, our objective for the policy and all sectors of the economy. Power must be controlled, only in this way can real, direct democracy be achieved, instead of the spurious direct democracy intended by current politics and so also by you, which means no control at all.

Remember finally that you are servants of the people, and in accordance with your oath of office are paid to work for the benefit and the interests of the people.

The supreme democratic right of budgetary sovereignty must not be transformed into debt sovereignty. The state is the financial market. Speculators today have a profitable market, simply because of rampant creation of debt, not only in Germany, but also in other countries. You too are responsible for this as representatives of the people in the framework of indirect parliamentary democracy, which can therefore no longer be described as democratic in terms of democratic legitimacy. If you were paid according to your performance, you would not have earned a penny for years.

Make the decision whether you can work as representatives of the people in governments which continually create more debt, or whether it is not also a decision of conscience to oppose as parliamentarians this pointless destruction of money. There can no longer be respect for the office and the holders. And that is our decision of conscience!

With regards in this sense
The Alliance for Democracy